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Bath - Call for pricing(prices vary by breed/coat etc.)
      In your pet's bathing experience he/she will recieve a complete shampooing twice plus a conditioner to soften and enhance your pets coat. Also included is a blueberry facial, ear cleaning, nail clipping and complete brush out.(Ask about our nail grinding service to make your pet's nails shorter an not sharp.)
Groom - Call for pricing(prices vary by breed/coat etc.)
      Everything included in the bath plus a haircut of your choice.
Bath/Grooming Add-Ons
Maintenance Trim - $5.00
      Everything included in the bath, plus your pet's sanitary area, feet, pads and eyes are trimmed.
SHED-Less Treatment - $10-$15.00
      A premium service that includes a low-shed shampoo followed by an application of de-Shedding solution plus brushing with the FURminator tool.
Flea & Tick Treatment - $5.00 small pet's....$10.00 large pet's
      Rid your pet of pesky fleas and ticks with a all natural flea & tick bath.
Dry & Itchy Skin Treatment - $5.00
      Give yor pet relief from discomfort with colloidal oatmeal, aloe, comfrey and colendula. Our special shampoo helps moisturize the skin while also soothing your pet's irritations. We also spray your pet with our all natural anti-itch relief spray.
Other Serices
Nail Clipping Service - $10.00
      Nail clipping services, keep your pet's nails short to prevent splits/breaking their nails.(All baths and grooms include nail clipping.)
Nail Grinding Services - $15.00($5.00 with a bath or groom)
      Similar to nail clipping, but the nails are actually filed down. Using this process can make the nails shorter and not sharp. Also there is a less chance of quicking the nails.
Other Discounts/Fees
Refer A Friend Discount - $5.00
Matted Service Charge - $5-$20.00
Late Fee Charge - $5.00 for 30minutes late
No Call, No Show Fee - $20.00
Special Handling Fee Charge - $5-$20.00
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