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"Only the best for my pampered pooches! At the expense of my dogs' good looks, I've 'shopped' around to many of East Bay groomers. The only one who gives my dogs the cut exactly the way I like it every time is Doggy Dog. After years of my dogs shaking in fear at previous groomers, vet etc. It's great to see them get excited in the car when we pull to the Salon and then race inside!
Bottom Line: consistent quality work, professional and my dogs love going there!
I highly recommend."
Lorelei M., Richmond, CA
"Doggy Dog is AWESOME!
   We had an appointment for our dog Rufus to be bathed and have his nails trimmed before a visit from our family. In all the planning and running around we forgot to bring Rufus' paperwork. Shaneeka was more than understanding and even played with Rufus while I tried to get our vet to fax over the paperwork to no avail. We ended having to leave without having him groomed. Shaneeka could not have been nicer about the whole situation and even though we offered to pay it she did not charge us for a canceled appointment despite the fact that they no doubt lost income due to our blunder. We told her we would definitely be back.
   We rescheduled a few weeks later and could not have been happier with the service. Our dog has allergies and chews his paws so they are generally pretty sensitive and he doesn't like people to touch them. Other groomers in the past have had to abandon trimming his nails because of his fussing and growling. Not this time. Not only was Rufus smelling sweet and clean, his coat looked amazing and his nails were nice and short and rounded. Shaneeka even mentioned that she didn't understand why others had problem trimming his nails in the past. I have no doubt that it was the kind and sweet vibe that he got from Shaneeka and Robert that made the difference.
   I work in retail and know what it means to provide excellent customer service and Doggy Dog know this too. Shaneeka and Robert both have such a great attitude and I know this translates to making the animals feel comfortable and at ease. I know it did for Rufus. Add to that the stellar service they provided and how great our little guy looked when we picked him up and they just can't be beat.
 We will definitely be back!"
Anthony M., Emeryville, CA
"I have had my dogs groomed by several other dog groomers in the east bay but Doggy Dog Grooming is far the best. I highly recommend this shop to anyone that wants their pets well cared for and a grooming job done right."
Linda R., Pinole, CA
"So happy to find Doggy Dog. Though I have always had dogs and currently have 2, this is my first time with a dog that requires grooming beyond the Mud Puppies bath and toe clip. I felt a little reticent to leave my dog with some of the facilities who couldn't give me a idea beyond "all day" as for how long they would need to keep Louie. Shanika is wonderful, she listened to our wishes for not wanting a fancy, frou-frou cut, but a utilitarian grooming that would allow our rag-a-muffin to see and and take care of some pretty severe mats. I will definitely be back! lSo appreciated all of Shanika's care and advice for preventing mats and caring for my little guy's coif."
Donna G., Orinda, CA
"I took my 3 year old Maltipoo (Bubbles) to Doggy Dog Grooming because she was looking a hot mess. Shaneeka did an amazing job - Bubbles came out looking amazing, smelling great and happy, happy, happy! The shop is very clean and both Sheneeka and her husband Robert are professional and courteous. If I could give them more than 5 stars I definitely would! Highly recommend Doggy Dog Grooming - we will definitely be back!"
Felix M., San Francisco, CA
"Our dog has hit that time of year again (acutally a little early I think) where she is leaving little puffs of fluff EVERYWHERE. We had taken her a couple times to Doggy Dog for a wash and nail clip so decided to seek their advice on limiting these little puffs. They recommended an over all trim, something we were nervous about because of a previous bad experience. The owner knew of our concern and assured us of her intentions! I could not believe how beautiful our dog looked after her visit. Doggy Dog did a wonderful job. Just one more of a long list of reasons why you should check them out. They are great."
Patty C., Richmond, CA
"Doggy Dog Grooming is a great new dog grooming business! We have been going to Shaneeka to get our family dog "Ribsy" cut even before she started her business. Shaneeka was great with our shy dog, and was able to get her to calm down, and then of course, give her the doggy grooming and attention she needed. Her grooming skills are Very Good., her attitude and service is excellent. It's always WONDERFUL to see someone go out on their own with a private business. We highly recommend Doggy Dog Grooming for your pet, and would suggest you try them our... tell a friend!"
John J., Berkeley, CA
"In an attempt to help local business I decided I'd try this place after reading the reviews here on Yelp. I was very pleased! I told everyone I saw that day about the OUTSTANDING service! Both groomers were so helpful and nice. I will definitely be a returning customer. So, from the outside you might miss this small business... but inside, you are welcomed by a big open space for your doggy to feel comfortable and welcome too. The reception area has doggy bowls with water too. Okay, okay,... let's get to the actual grooming part. My dog looked, smelled and felt fantastic after his grooming. He was fluffy and she cut his hair just how I asked. They bathed him, cut his nails, cleaned his ears, cut his hair and made him smell delicious! So, you're probably reading and thinking... 'well isn't that what should be expected after getting your dog groomed?' Sure it is, but Doggy Dog Grooming is very reasonably priced and the SERVICE IS GREAT!"
Emily M., Oakland, CA
"We've followed Shaneeka to other dog grooming salons and are delighted that she's opened her own shop. Our dogs adore her! She does a wonderful job on our Westies and we're very picky. We highly recommend Doggy Dog Grooming"
Rosalind, Berkeley, CA
"I heard about Doggy Dog from someone I met on 4th Street in Berkeley. Her dog had the most adorable hair cut! She recommended Doggy Dog to us. We have been twice-most recently we brought our new puppy for her first hair cut. The dogs came out looking and smelling amazing! they were happy and not traumatized like they have been after other places (petco anyone?) Nice people, clean shop, on time, and GREAT prices."
Gretchen D., Albany, CA
"For over a year I have tried various groomers in the East Bay, including *** by ***** and Pet Smart. Though adequate groomers, Doggy Dog Grooming, owned by Shaneeka Naquin and her husband, blew them out of the water! DDG did an incredible grooming job on my Labradoodle. They were professional, courteous, and you could tell they loved dogs and enjoyed their job. I highly recommend DDG. If you're looking for a groomer, call DDG. I couldn't be happier with the way my dog looks."
AP, Pinole, CA
"Louis & I are so happy we found the best groomer ever!!!! Shaneeka & her husband are awesome. I took my puppy maltese Louie to Petco to get groomed and they did a horrible job on him....I was determined to find a good groomer & came across Doggy Dog Grooming driving to my parents house in Richmond. I live in Vallejo & coming here is worth the trip!!! Very clean, pleasant atmosphere and a wonderful couple!!!! Louie looks amazing smells soooo delightful & my kids adore his new look!!! We will be back for Louie's touch up.....Looking for a great groomer & wonderful customer service go to Doggy Dog Grooming,,,,you'll love it!!!!!!!!!!"
Aiko B.
"Snowbear and I met Shaneeka at PetSmart in Albany and still fallow her to her new business, Doggy Dog Grooming. Snowbear and I are very please with her excellent experiences with dogs. I would recommand everyone I know to take their dog(s) to Doggy Dog Grooming, you won't be dissappionted here. I would not trust anyone else to work on my dog, but Shaneeka (after many bad experience with other grooming services). Doggy Dog Grooming also have very reasonable service price(you won't find more reasonable price for your pet services elsewhere..trust me on this one!) If you love your dogs, Doggy Dog Grooming is the place. They treat your pets like their own pets. :)"
Vera N.
"Bogie, our standard poodle, was thrilled to get the call -- his esthetician has opened her own shop! Today was our first visit, and her set-up is clean and cheerful and just what Bogie needs in a salon. Both Shaneeka and her husband are wonderfully professional, and Bogie's do was exactly right. We give this business our all-paws up!"
Lisa O.
"I live in San Pablo, this is by far the best groomer ever. Shaneeka has alot of patience with my Chihuahua Remy. Shaneeka and her husband are very friendly and the shop is very clean and tighty. If you're looking for a great groomer ,this is the place. My dog always leave happy."
Kundra V.
"I am so glad I found Shaneeka. I had been searching for a location closer to home where I could take my Yorkie/Silky mix. Marley is not the most well behaved but he did great with Shaneeka. I must admit I was a bit worried. He went in looking like a little shaggy mess and came back smelling and looking like the cute little dog we fell in love with. I appreciate her patience and the time she took to understand what I was looking for. The cute little red flag around his neck was such a nice touch. We will definitely be back"
Leslie S.
"I just moved to Richmond and was referred to Doggy Dog Groomers by another groomer who could not get me an appointment. Shaneeka did the BEST groom my dog Brodie has ever had. He came back happy and looking GREAT!! I will never take my dog to another groomer.. Highly recommend this business."
Jeremy C.
"His Tchatness was a MILO rescue who was returned twice before he came to live with me. He is nearly blind and very scared of people. He is the dirtiest dog in the world I am sure. Sheneeka was recommended to me shortly after Tchatch and I came together. She is the only groomer I will trust him to. I think he bites her every month and Sheneeka takes it all in stride. I cannot recommend her more highly."
Gary R.
"I have a little rescue dog, who is shy and absolutely terrified of machines. The other groomers I took him to couldn't finish grooming him because of his anxiety. But Shaneeka was very gentle and knew she had to go slowly. She and her husband did a wonderful job. They even gave me tips for reducing my dog's anxiety in preparation for the next visit"
Jane S.
"Shaneeka is gentle, sweet and professional. My dog, Ribsy, does not like to have her nails done, except by Shaneeka. Her gentle confidence relaxes my dog. Ribsy always comes back looking pretty and happy."
Jon B.
Doggy Dog Grooming
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